Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Tue, 11 Jul 2000 00:21:35 -0700

>Hi, I finally save up enough money to buy either the
>PG RX-78-2 or Zaku, but I'm not sure which to get.
>Can someone give me suggestion as which is better?
>I build many HG models and some MG, but I just snap
>them together, never painted them and do any of the
>extra works. I simply don't have the skill and
>ability to do so.
>So does the PG kits look great without all the extra
>works? I've heard from other people saying bad things
>about the first 2 PGs, like Zaku's arms falls off,
>RX78 is too complicated, etc.
>any suggestion is appreciated.
>btw I've already asked my dad to bring PG Zeta from
>Taiwan this summer, that's why I decided to get one of
>the first 2 PG now.

The PG Zaku is easier to build due to streamlined designs
in its body frame mechanics. The PG Gundam is for piston-
lovers. If you will be displaying your PG kit with some
of its armors removed, then the PG Gundam is probably
more impressive looking.

Personally I am not too thrilled with the way some of the
PG Zaku's joints were designed and executed...


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