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Why hasn't anyone think about the Gelgoog? Hasn't anyone notice that the
sequence of the PG is kind of following the MG? First RX-78, then the 2
Zakus, then Z, similiar to the MG line.

And not forgetting Bandai's speciality, recycling the mold for different
variations, like they did for PG Zaku or the many "different" MG Zakus and

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> > A PG GP-02 would kick ass...lets hope it can hold the shield this time
> > though...
> > --Bob
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> I thought that the proportions on the MG GP-02 were horribly comic
> to the animation... After seeing 0083 I rushed out to get the GP 02
> but to my dismay the kit looked silly to me... If they did do a GP-02 I'd
> hope that the proportions were cooler
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