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>>Please explain MG and HG. I have a feeling they mean high grade and master
>>grade. If so, what is the difference? What's below HG?
>There are 4 basic grades of UC gundam kits:
>FG = First Grade (1/144 scale)
>Basically the FG kits are similar to the original Gundam kits (the ones
>released waaay back in 1979-80 when the original series first came out).
>They don't have any polycaps, they're all molded in one color (thus
>requiring painting) and are dirt cheap (300 yen). There are only 2 FG kits
>out right now (RX-78-2 and Zaku II)

Technically 3 - the Char's and grunt versions of Zaku II.

>HG = High Grade (1/144 scale)
>This is sort of the current standard. HG kits have polycaps for all the
>joints and they're mostly molded in the proper colors (stickers are provided
>for coloring small areas, but they look better if you paint them). These
>are a bit more expensive (500-1000 yen with a few more expensive ones like
>the 1500 yen GM Sniper). HG kits come in a number of different lines,
>including lines devoted to particular kits as well as the HGUC (High Grade
>Universal Century) line which includes kits of UC MS which aren't
>represented elsewhere.
>MG = Master Grade (1/100 scale)
>These are the really cool stuff. Larger scale, lots of poseability, lots of
>little gimicks (opening panels, removable armor, etc.) They're molded in
>100% accurate color so painting becomes truely optional. MG kits retail for
>2500 to 4000 yen (8000 yen for the Sazabi, which is a monster). There are
>about two dozen different MG kits (though quite a few of these are color
>variations on a few basic designs, like the Zaku or Mk. II)
>PG = Perfect Grade (1/60 scale)
>Currently the ultimate in Gundam kits. Enormous size, extreme detail,
>inside and out, they look like a million bucks and have a price tag to match
>(10000-20000 yen).
>See, nice progression from FG to MG.

That kinda lefts all the ungraded kits (which account for probably more than
50% of all Gundam kits ever released) out in the cold...

>Then the AC kits come along and screw everything up. You see, the Gundam
>Wing kit line uses the HG nomenclature to describe their 1/100 scale kits.

So? V Gundam started it before any AC kits followed suit.

>They're a different scale, and more costly than the HGUC kits, but Bandai
>slapped the HG nomenclature on them anyway.
>Plus you've got a lot of older kits which don't fit into this progression,
>but this should give you a good overview.


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