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While there are some plot details that aren't the same, I believe Howard
did not make any references to NewTypes in the original manga, because the
Mixx translation is not very accurate. For example, I think this was in
the end of their issue #4, when Heero infiltrates the OZ factory to steal
the new mobile suits being developed by the 5 captured scientists, he
confronted "Noin" who was in fact Trowa.


>Don't trust the Gundam Wing comic book (you're talking about the one written
>by Tokita Kouichi right??) That one has alot of stuff that isn't the same
>as the series. Not to mention, the ending is different.... way different
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>> In the Gundam Wing comic book I got (it's the one Viz Communications is
>> distributing now), it has Howard proclaiming Zechs Merquise as a Newtype,
>> what he's seen with his abilities. When they mention of Zechs being too
>fast for
>> the Tallgeese in the TV show, they are noting a possibility of Newtype
>> in him. However, series' without the initial director/creator of Gundam
>> the production were not allowed to have newtypes in them. I am not sure if
>> did lead it (because I can't be bothered checking :P).
>> The GW pilots are pilot extraordinares. Namely, they are the ace pilots
>> ace pilots. Most normal ace pilots in the Gundam series' (non-newtypes)
>> extraordinary pilots (eg. Kou Uraki), so that may explain the GW pilots
>> extraordinary piloting skills.
>> Dorothy Catalonia uses the Zero System, slightly modified, to control the
>> during the Eve Wars. I do not know how the system works but she can
>control MDs
>> individually, as a team, or give overall instructions to them. Brainwaves
>> control the Zero System and can send out tonnes of signals and impulses,
>> than any computer can do, thus she can control them with ease.
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