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>Please explain MG and HG. I have a feeling they mean high grade and master
>grade. If so, what is the difference? What's below HG?

There are 4 basic grades of UC gundam kits:

FG = First Grade (1/144 scale)
Basically the FG kits are similar to the original Gundam kits (the ones
released waaay back in 1979-80 when the original series first came out).
They don't have any polycaps, they're all molded in one color (thus
requiring painting) and are dirt cheap (300 yen). There are only 2 FG kits
out right now (RX-78-2 and Zaku II)

HG = High Grade (1/144 scale)
This is sort of the current standard. HG kits have polycaps for all the
joints and they're mostly molded in the proper colors (stickers are provided
for coloring small areas, but they look better if you paint them). These
are a bit more expensive (500-1000 yen with a few more expensive ones like
the 1500 yen GM Sniper). HG kits come in a number of different lines,
including lines devoted to particular kits as well as the HGUC (High Grade
Universal Century) line which includes kits of UC MS which aren't
represented elsewhere.

MG = Master Grade (1/100 scale)
These are the really cool stuff. Larger scale, lots of poseability, lots of
little gimicks (opening panels, removable armor, etc.) They're molded in
100% accurate color so painting becomes truely optional. MG kits retail for
2500 to 4000 yen (8000 yen for the Sazabi, which is a monster). There are
about two dozen different MG kits (though quite a few of these are color
variations on a few basic designs, like the Zaku or Mk. II)

PG = Perfect Grade (1/60 scale)
Currently the ultimate in Gundam kits. Enormous size, extreme detail,
inside and out, they look like a million bucks and have a price tag to match
(10000-20000 yen).

See, nice progression from FG to MG.

Then the AC kits come along and screw everything up. You see, the Gundam
Wing kit line uses the HG nomenclature to describe their 1/100 scale kits.
They're a different scale, and more costly than the HGUC kits, but Bandai
slapped the HG nomenclature on them anyway.

Plus you've got a lot of older kits which don't fit into this progression,
but this should give you a good overview.


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