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> << If I were a betting man, my money would be on the RX-93 Nu Gundam. Of
course, they still have to come out with a Master GRade first, I guess.
> Given the price difference between the Sazabi and the rest of the MG line,
a PG Nu Gundam would probably be at least twice as much as the PG Zeta.
That may be just too much. >>
> Nu Gundam wouldn't cost more than a PG ZZ. I am just thinking of the three
most popular Gundams, the RX-78, MSZ-006 and the RX-93. I'd love to have
that trifecta.

hrmm.. the local model shop guy said that they're working on the PG ZZ
(whether I believe him or not is another thing). But Mark II is definitely
a really hot choice since it's one of the more popular ones...

> <<Since they don't even have any MG versions of Zeta era enemy MS, I
wouldn't think they'd come out with any of them in PG.>>
> Obviously, they would have to come out in MG before they would do a PG. I
hope they do MGs of the Hyaku-Shiki, and Qubeley.
> I'd still pay big bucks for a PG S-Gundam, I'd even rent the U-Haul to
take it home.
> Tom
Yeah, Hyakushiki would be nice. Quebeley would be an iffy one. The volume
is pretty large, yet there aren't that many gimmicks compared to the other
MG's that have come out so far (it has very few weapons too...). Any
Sentinel series done in 1/100 would be pretty cool too. At least make it
fully transformable etc... But I guess they'd probably want to sell off
their remaining stock first (same as the Nu-Gundam... I got my second one
today shipped in. Btw, has anyone tried converting Nu-Gundam -=> Hi Nu? If
so, how did you convert the fin funnels so it would be removable yet stay in
that "wing" position?)


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