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I don't think anyone would miss him, aside from the girls who go crazy about
him. I mean, what's the big difference between Trowa and Heero, not
regarding appearance and background?

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>Really, how did Heero survive the blast that destroyed even Gundanium?!
>That isn't just tough cookies. That would kill an elephant in an armored
>truck! Training does not give one skin of Gundanium.

There are cases were people at the epicenter of an explosions survive where
others further away did not. And if you remember, he was in pretty bad shape
afterwards. Also, the explosion didn't destroy that much. Let's see, the
head was destroyed, as was the main computer/cockpit, and some structural
components. As he was a little distance from the interior of the cockpit,
and the explosion was forced through a small area, it is entirely possible
that the wave front of air being pushed out from the cockpit flung him with
enough force and speed that he managed to avoid most of the small debris and
heat that would have killed him had he not been positioned so fortunately.

Granted, his survival is not likely, but it IS possible. And it helped
further the story (because, face it, there wouldn't be one really without


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