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lol. Well, you could just skip all those steps with a gundam that flies
through every battle like silent death, kicking rear skirt panel and taking
names, never expected, never seen, never revealed.
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How do you make a really cheesy gundam?

Put in a:
pschyoframe, zero system, god mode (shuffle alliance),
Gundanium (Omega? ^_^),
(the type that would give the G-falcon a run for its
money), really-big-friggin-boosters, hyper jammers,
minvosky cloaking (for lack of a name), ALICE-type ai,
a self destruct system, the standard V-fins and the
red chin (okay throw in the traditional red-white-blue
color scheme as well).

Considering the specs above, you'd need a pilot that's
a black-belter-of-Multiple-martial-arts-Newtype who
can execute the God Finger Sword.

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