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garrick lee wrote:

> i personally didn't lke eva. i don't hate it, i just
> don't think it lived up to all the hype and deserves
> all the praises it seems to be getting in landslides.
> and the point that eva seems to be the product of one
> man's mood swings makes me believe that eva's purpose
> was just that -- to whine.

Boy, did you hit the nail on the head! Eva was pretty cool stylisticly
but I don't consider it to be a classic, as many others do.

> whoah! i liked macross 7. lots. :)


> basara...i liked the man! he was truly a refreshing
> break from the disgustingly cliched angst ridden
> prepubescent kid hero in mecha anime.


> he's got this weird artist's zen thingy that, while
> totally screwed up, fleshes his character out fine.

Yeah, it's really cool once you get past your pre-conceptions. I find
that Robotech diehards who haven't seen the "true Macross" have the
hardest time getting M7.

> though i have to admit, the first few episodes will
> wear your nerves bare with endless repetitions of the
> same song "planet dance".

That's not as bad as the crappy fight scene animation. Thankfully it gets
better later on though. (Man, I love those VF-17s.)

> i find the entire idea of sound force and
> guitar-shaped controls (NOT guitar controls per se,
> mind you) a bit goony, but those are small things to
> be overlooked for me.

Yeah same here, not to mention the "Jamming birds."

---Brett "SPEAKER POD GAMMA!" Jensen

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