Roland Thigpen (
11 Jul 2000 03:54:53 -0000

>While I know I'm pretty much alone in my favorable view of Gundam X, I don't
>think it's at all fair for you to lump it in with Wing in this regard.
>After all, the Gundam X univers has an even higher body count than the one
>year war (albiet most of it taking place in flashbacks prior to the TV
>series proper). I'd say the big difference is most of the UC stories show
>the tragedies of war, both on a personal and large scale, as they are
>happening. X on the other hand, shows the aftermath of and how the
>characters deal with it.

I believe I've said this before, I like Gundam X. And you are right, it does in some ways show the aftermath of it. But it does it in sort of a campy, cheery way. In the 12 episodes I've seen of it, it doesn't have quite the post apocalyptic feel of say, the first two Mad Max films, or even The Postman or Waterworld. Were humanity barely held on and ever day is a struggle to survive. And as much as I like Garoud, I have to say that he is the main cause of this lack.


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