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>Universal Century stories are supposed to be more true to life, gritty,
>real world type war stories. Stories that show the horrors and tragedies of
>war. As it came in near the so-called end of the giant robot era, it pretty
>much had to have a single signature mecha that the hero piloted and that
>defined the show as being of the mecha genre. Even with this though, the
>Gundam is fairly easily damaged or destroyed when the enemy is given the
>proper weapon.
>If you'll notice, in Wing and X if you've seen any of that (I can't say
>anything about G, having seen none of the series), nothing truly horrible
>happens to the main characters, relationship wise, other than Relena's
>adopted father's death. While they do discuss the horrors of war to some
>extent (people die, machines and cities are destroyed), it is, in a way,
>sugar coated by the Gundam superheroes. You rarely see the war's affects on
>the common citizen, nor do the main characters seem truly affected by it.
>In UC, you will have main characters killed off, and children slaughtered
>before your eyes. Entire colonies are gased or nuked with their populations
>still inside, and Earth is bombarded by colonies and asteroids. The
>soldiers on either side (those that are developed through the story) are
>changed by the war. The war is made real. In essence, I guess what I'm
>saying is that Wing and X are action shows, in some ways almost soap
>operas, UC Gundam is drama...a true to life war drama.

While I know I'm pretty much alone in my favorable view of Gundam X, I don't
think it's at all fair for you to lump it in with Wing in this regard.
After all, the Gundam X univers has an even higher body count than the one
year war (albiet most of it taking place in flashbacks prior to the TV
series proper). I'd say the big difference is most of the UC stories show
the tragedies of war, both on a personal and large scale, as they are
happening. X on the other hand, shows the aftermath of and how the
characters deal with it.

>I'm not sure if I putting it well enough. If not ask for clairification and
>I'll try to think of something.

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