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<< Thanks, Roland Thigpen. Now, I know more than I will ever want to about
 whole situation. I can't wait to see the UC series' now. Which ones are
 they? (Or, where exactly can I find that info?) >>

The 3 Gundam movies, 0080 and 0083 are the only UC series released in
American so far. I recommend you try them all. The 3 movies should be seen
first, then 0080 and 0083. Although 0080/83 are different years, I don't see
much order to which, 0080 or 0083, should be watched first, unless you MUST
watch them in the correct order :)

  Goto: for lots of Gundam info. and its links to other
sites. With the Gundam Project and the pages it links to, should answer a lot
of common questions about UC and Gundam in general.


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