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>Thanks, Roland Thigpen. Now, I know more than I will ever want to about the
>whole situation. I can't wait to see the UC series' now. Which ones are
>they? (Or, where exactly can I find that info?)

You can find info on Mark's Gundam Project page at

As for which series they are, in chronological order

The One Year War series:

Mobile Suit Gundam (or the movie compilations which is all we have right now in sub or dub)

08th Mobile Suit Team (to be released next year, also a movie, Miller's Report, completes this series)

0080: War in the Pocket

Following these chronologically, we have:

0083: Stardust Memories (and its movie compilation, The Last Blitz of Zeon)

Zeta Gundam

Gundam Double Zeta

Char's Counterattack

Gundam F91

V Gundam

There are also some manga and novels set in the UC universe, but I haven't seen any of those except the first part of Blue Destiny which is set during the OYW.


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