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>So, explain the difference between Universal Century and After Colony
>stories. Are they in alternate universes or different in every aspect
>except for the discovery of Gundanium and the using it for building Mobile

Well, first off Gundanium doesn't exist in any of the universes besides
Wing. The equivelant material in the UC universe is Luna Titanium, later
known as Gundarium <-- notice it's spelled/pronounced differently.

Note that in Wing, Gundams are called Gundams because they are made out of
Gundanium alloy. In UC, it's the other way around. Luna Titanium is later
known as Gundarium because it was used to armor the first Gundam.

Now that the relatively technical matter of armor has been delalt with,
there are very significant differences between Wing and the various UC

Overall Tone: Wing has a much more 'superheroic' feel than the UC shows,
which tend to have a grittier, more militaristic feel (though this varies
from show to show and there are some exceptions). Character interaction
generally seems to get more attention than in Wing, especially in the Tomino
shows and 0080. While you do see some changes of alliegence, UC characters
generally don't suffer from 'side switching disease' the way Wing characters

Specific Points (random order as I think of them):
Many of the UC stories include Newtypes. However, these are only found in
Tomino created shows, not in any of the OVAs. Of course, UC era shows also
include the various hardware invented to improve newtypes combat performance
(psycomu systems, psychoframes, bio-sensors, bio-computers, etc).

UC Gundam designs (and MS designs in general) are usually more military with
much less of the over the top flambouyance of the Wing Gundams.

Most UC Gundam shows seem to use a considerably more subdued color palate
than Wing does. Much less of a 'comic book' feel.

In many UC Gundam shows, spacecraft play a more prominent role. The good
guys have a carrier type vessel as their home base in nearly all UC shows
(White Base, Agahama, etc.).

The UC Gundam universe uses O'Neil Island 3 type colonies rather than the
wheel type seen in Wing.

Colony drops are often a feature of UC Gundam shows. Less often we see
other weapons of mass destruction like chemical/biological weapons, Solar
Systems, colony lasers, etc.

A prominent feature of the UC universe is the minovski particle and it's
related effects (beam weapons, beam sabers, I-Fields, minovski craft
systems, minovski particle scattering/jamming, etc.)

I tend to think UC shows have better dialouge, though some of this may be
due to Wing's dubbing (I see most UC stuff dubbed, but it's been a long time
since I've seen any of the Wing dubs).

There's other stuff but this is all that comes to mind at the moment.

Chris Upchurch a.k.a. Blackeagle

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