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<< Wing has nothing to do with newtypes? Then that raises other questionable
points. How do Heero, Dorothy, Trowa, and Wu Fei obtain their superhuman
abilities? Nirvana? I don't think it's necessary to give examples. >>

I don't think its ever really explained. GW doesn't try to be as "real" as
other Gundam shows are. To be honest, I've never thought too much about this
matter since it never really bothered me too much. I would like to know why
Heero didn't die from that drop off the building and other instances, but am
not losing any sleep over it :)

I just decided he was a clone or like the bioniac man or something. Maybe
there are Newtypes in GW, but I don't think there are. Newtypes is an idea of
Tomino in his Gundam shows, but since Tomino didn't make GW's
story/characters, it could be anything from advanced technology, genetic
manuplation, cloning, to Newtype like abilities.

abilites in any of GW's cast. Unless I am mistaken, a Newtype can still be
easily killed by normal means and accidents/jumping out of high rise
buildings. I think NT abilites are more like ehhanced
senses/enlightenment/psychic abilites, then super powers.

The Zero system is what gives pilots who can handle the Zero system, their NT
like abilities, not really the pilots themselves.


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