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Well, at the most basic level, the stories are the same: colonies fighting for
independance from Earth. However, they are set in completely different
universes (Turn A be damned!), and are vastly different in all other aspects.

Personally, I'm a UC purist (which also means I think 08MS Team and the specs
for 0080 are crap). However, since Wing is the only Gundam broadcast in the US,
I watch it. Regardless of the dated animation, I hope the original series is
aired in the US. The story alone is worth it.

My two yen,

Joaquin Torres


> So, explain the difference between Universal Century and After Colony
> stories. Are they in alternate universes or different in every aspect
> except for the discovery of Gundanium and the using it for building Mobile
> Suits?
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> Can't answer your question as I don't know the answer, but I am pretty sure
> there are no Newtypes in GW. I'm sure if there was, one of the characters
> would have talked about them. GW is seperate for the UC stuff. Gundam W, X
> and G are in alternate stories, seperate from UC. As far as I know, at least
> for GW, Newtypes are only part of UC for sure and maybe for X?
> I like AC and UC both, but UC stuff feels more "real" then AC stuff does.
> Aaron
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