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In the Gundam Wing comic book I got (it's the one Viz Communications is
distributing now), it has Howard proclaiming Zechs Merquise as a Newtype, from
what he's seen with his abilities. When they mention of Zechs being too fast for
the Tallgeese in the TV show, they are noting a possibility of Newtype abilities
in him. However, series' without the initial director/creator of Gundam leading
the production were not allowed to have newtypes in them. I am not sure if he
did lead it (because I can't be bothered checking :P).

The GW pilots are pilot extraordinares. Namely, they are the ace pilots beyond
ace pilots. Most normal ace pilots in the Gundam series' (non-newtypes) are
extraordinary pilots (eg. Kou Uraki), so that may explain the GW pilots having
extraordinary piloting skills.

Dorothy Catalonia uses the Zero System, slightly modified, to control the MDs
during the Eve Wars. I do not know how the system works but she can control MDs
individually, as a team, or give overall instructions to them. Brainwaves
control the Zero System and can send out tonnes of signals and impulses, faster
than any computer can do, thus she can control them with ease.

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