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I'd kill to go to any convention, but nobody thinks of bringing conventions
like that down to Arkansas. They think that everyone down here is too
uncultured to appreciate stuff like anime. I didn't choose to be born and
raised here, and I'm moving as soon as I graduate from high school. So, if
I was you, I'd definitely go there, and if the car broke down, I'd run.
That's what I'd do anyway. I sure wouldn't take it for granted.
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>Dear List:
>After going to Anime Expo last week, I think I've caught the convention
>Is anyone going to San Diego Comic Con next week?? I heard Rumiko
>is going to be there... I am wondering about my chances to get her to
>autograph my Urusei Yatsura, Ranma Nibun no ichi, Maisson Ikkoku, Inu Yasha
>mangas, and whether I should really be foolhardy enough drive down there
>the Bay Area.

I am planning to go on Saturday.


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