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>Wing has nothing to do with newtypes? Then that raises other questionable points. How do Heero, Dorothy, Trowa, and Wu Fei obtain their superhuman abilities? Nirvana? I don't think it's necessary to give examples.

What superhuman abilities as far as Dorothy, Trowa and Wufei go? They have none. Wufei was trained as a warrior from birth thanks to being born in a warrior clan. Trowa is an accomplished acrobat, but that is not superhuman. And Dorothy? She is just a normal girl...a bit too taken with war, but that is nothing special either.

Heero is the only one that seems super human, but that is mostly due to special training. After all, he has been trained from early childhood apparently to be a killing machine, caring little for his life or those of the ones who get in the way of him and his target. He may seem superhuman, but most of the things he does are humanly possible, if one is trained properly.

The only Gundam series that deal with newtypes are the UC ones and Gundam X.


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