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<< If I were a betting man, my money would be on the RX-93 Nu Gundam. Of course, they still have to come out with a Master GRade first, I guess.

Given the price difference between the Sazabi and the rest of the MG line, a PG Nu Gundam would probably be at least twice as much as the PG Zeta. That may be just too much. >>

Nu Gundam wouldn't cost more than a PG ZZ. I am just thinking of the three most popular Gundams, the RX-78, MSZ-006 and the RX-93. I'd love to have that trifecta.

<<Since they don't even have any MG versions of Zeta era enemy MS, I wouldn't think they'd come out with any of them in PG.>>

Obviously, they would have to come out in MG before they would do a PG. I hope they do MGs of the Hyaku-Shiki, and Qubeley.

I'd still pay big bucks for a PG S-Gundam, I'd even rent the U-Haul to take it home.


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