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I do not believe that Wing has anything to do with newtypes. In the
rest of Gundam, those "joysticks" have far more movement than your
average control. They can pull up and down, as well as slide forward
and back, swivel about all their axis, and have a button for each
finger. They are also only one part of the control mechanism which
also includes foot pedals, and a control console.

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Being the newcomer to the Gundam universe that I am, curiosity has
set in on several unexplained aspects of it. Sorry, I couldn't find
this on any websites, so maybe one of you hardcore Gundamites can
help me out. I'll stick to one for now. It's about the cockpit of
the Gundams in Gundam Wing (and probably in other Gundam series').
What do the two joysticks with buttons on them do? And what do the
various buttons do? I originally thought that the left stick
controlled thrust and the right one controlled aiming, but it didn't
work out for some of the moves they do. Also, in one part, Dorothy
Catalonia is wearing a solid helmet in a black room, and I thought
that she was controlling the mobile dolls. However, if she was, then
why do the other newtype pilots in the series need controls for
operating one suit? Also, how did she duel with Quatre (in the same
scenario) while controlling the mobile dolls and being blinded by the
helmet? Some kind of newtype abilities I was unaware of?

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