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I've got the green chrome MG Zaku and LOVE him! The snip spots on the parts
are a problem, but don't really bother me, so I didn't do anything else to
As far as the Wing kits go... yes they seem shorter than the MG 100s. I
guess it must be the scale of the Gundams themselves, or... possibly the
fact that HGs are smaller than MGs?

Jeff C

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> Dear List:
> I was cleaning up my room yesterday and found one of those special limited
> edition Gundam DeathScythe model kit in chrome metallic colors. I've
> bought this HG kit from Hong Kong for about $25 U.S. because it's supposed
> be a "collector's" item. I ended up being extremely disappointed by this
> First of all, when I place it next to my other MG kits, the Death Scythe
> visibly shorter even if it's also supposed to be 1:100. Is this true for
> Wing kits? The 1:100 Wing kits are all shorter than the 1:100 MG kits?
> Second, the Scythe blade is Metallic Green on one side while Silver on the
> other!! What kind of stupid color scheme is that? Painting is out of
> because painting over model defeats the purpose of having the metallic
> Lastly, it's impossible to smooth the parts with sandpaper, making the
> that are cut from the "tree" stick out like a sore thumb.
> Because of this, I never bought another HG kit or metallic kit. Do any of
> out there have any positive experience with metallic kits? I'd love to
know of
> any suggestions/opinions especially regarding my last point because I've
> itching to buy some metallic MG kits since I'm about to finish building
all my
> unbuilt kits, so it's time to buy more... I really dislike crystal kits
> have most of the other normal MG kits. 8)
> Michael
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