Michael Wong x4241 (Michael.Wong@nsc.com)
Mon, 10 Jul 2000 15:44:32 -0700 (PDT)

Dear List:

I was cleaning up my room yesterday and found one of those special limited
edition Gundam DeathScythe model kit in chrome metallic colors. I've foolishly
bought this HG kit from Hong Kong for about $25 U.S. because it's supposed to
be a "collector's" item. I ended up being extremely disappointed by this kit:-

First of all, when I place it next to my other MG kits, the Death Scythe is
visibly shorter even if it's also supposed to be 1:100. Is this true for all
Wing kits? The 1:100 Wing kits are all shorter than the 1:100 MG kits?

Second, the Scythe blade is Metallic Green on one side while Silver on the
other!! What kind of stupid color scheme is that? Painting is out of question
because painting over model defeats the purpose of having the metallic kit.

Lastly, it's impossible to smooth the parts with sandpaper, making the parts
that are cut from the "tree" stick out like a sore thumb.

Because of this, I never bought another HG kit or metallic kit. Do any of you
out there have any positive experience with metallic kits? I'd love to know of
any suggestions/opinions especially regarding my last point because I've been
itching to buy some metallic MG kits since I'm about to finish building all my
unbuilt kits, so it's time to buy more... I really dislike crystal kits and
have most of the other normal MG kits. 8)


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