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><< Hmm, a local store here is selling the MG Rick Dom II for $50 and has one
>of those big Zetas (I think) for $200 or $250 (the box is like 3 feet long, a
>foot or so wide and about half a foot or so deep, and is blue with schematics
>of the Zeta. I'm not sure about its exact name, but I'm pretty sure that it
>can transform too). Most of the HGUC line models go for around $8 to $10, and
>the F91 1/100 models are generally $10 to $15. MSiAs are around $10 to $15
> Oh, and sales tax is 5 cents on the dollar.
> Roland >>
>those are the best prices I've seen in a long time, does this store do mail
>order? and where's it located? thanks
>~Matt P

I don't think they do mail order and it's in Columbia, SC.


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