Mon Jul 10 17:23:53 2000

3) Just what the hell was Shiro doing during 0083 and the Grypps War (Z
and ZZ Gundam)? And would Kou have gotten a cold reception if he tried to
join the Titans or the AEUG? Which one would he have joined, anyway?

Well if you go by the views on this mailing list, it would kinda be like the Simpson's Episode where Homer joined the Itchy and Scratchy show as the voice of Poochie. It would go something like this:

AEUG/TITANS Officer: Gee Kou, you look like you have something to say.

Kou: I certainly do. I am a space alien and I must go back to my home planet.

Note: Kou was killed by 10 Colonies that were dropped on him on his way home. He is gone forever...


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