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Mon, 10 Jul 2000 14:14:10 -0700

> I was just wondering how much Gundam kits are at everyones local stores.
>If you have one that carries Gundam kits that is. Mine had mostly MG kits,
>all were high priced, at least in my opinion, but the most notable was MG
>MS-06S Zaku II carrying a hefty tag of $75 plus 8.25% sales tax. Maybe it's
>just me but that seemed a little extreme even as a markup on imported stuff.
>Keep in mind that the same store is selling the MG Dom for $80 and the MG
>Zeta for $50.
>-Ryan Freeman-

Legends charges about 1.5 times the yen price using the 100 yen = $1.00
conversion. However, they charge over triple the yen price on all Wing/
Endless Waltz/G-Unit kits, then gives you a 30% discount, like that really

I'm beginning to see new vendors carry Gundam kits at shows/conventions.
Some charge 2x yen price on SD kits and 1.5x yen price on larger kits.
Which is not all that bad considering shipping the same kits from Japan
usually cost about half the item's value and they often show up damaged.


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