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<<3) Just what the hell was Shiro doing during 0083 and the Grypps War (Z and ZZ Gundam)? And would Kou have gotten a cold reception if he tried to join the Titans or the AEUG? Which one would he have joined, anyway?>>

Don't know about Shiro because I have never seen 08th MS Team. Kou definitely wouldn't have been able to join the Titans. I still don't see him as being tough enough to join the AEUG. I always imagine him being one of those Feddie punks who gets blasted by Quattro in the Hyaku-Shiki.

<< 4) If Zeon had survived........who would ahve won a war between the Principality of Zeon and the Crossbone Vanguard? And later......the Zeons against the Jupiter Empire. And still later......Zeon vs. the Zanscare
Empire? (assuming that Zeom MS development keeps progressing) >>


Had they been able to knock off the Federation from the get-go, they would have had complete supremacy in the Earth Sphere and would have the resources to crush any opposition.

<<5) What if Giren, Dozul and Garma had lived ? Would ANYTHING have changed at all?>>

I doubt it, but it would have given Giren Zabi a chance to say when he is being dragged away to prison...

"And I would've gotten away with it, if it hadn't been for those meddling White Base kids!"


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