Brett Jensen (
Mon, 10 Jul 2000 01:09:45 -0700

garrick lee wrote:

> saw the light?

> ouch.

> there ARE fans who enjoy wing, g and x AND u.c.
> without compromising their integrity as gundam
> afficionados. :) no, they're not empty headed morons
> either.

Amen to that. I was a UC fan long before Wing came out, but I still like
Wing and G (I like X too, but i'm not proud of it. ^_^)

> then again, i'm the sort of guy who could enjoy
> macross II, despite everything that's wrong with
> sue me. :)

Macross II has it's good points, but boy that last episode blows. still I
bought the subbed compilation, it's good to watch when I'm "Really"

---Brett Jensen

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