M. R. Hannibal (saiyajin11@hotmail.com)
Mon, 10 Jul 2000 20:04:19 GMT

Hello, old chaps. Here are my rants for the day:

   1) Anyone out there know how to manipulate VMU saves or DC GameShark
codes? Because would it not be cool to be able to have a save that allowed
you to have infinite life, money, resources, one hit kills enemy and move
anywhere on map for the DC Giren's Greed? (just for fun!)

   2) What if the Federation had developed the Endless Waltz's Serpent MS as
a support MS in the UC universe? Major Zeon ass-kicking, anyone?

   3) Just what the hell was Shiro doing during 0083 and the Grypps War (Z
and ZZ Gundam)? And would Kou have gotten a cold reception if he tried to
join the Titans or the AEUG? Which one would he have joined, anyway?

   4) If Zeon had survived........who would ahve won a war between the
Principality of Zeon and the Crossbone Vanguard? And later......the Zeons
against the Jupiter Empire. And still later......Zeon vs. the Zanscare
Empire? (assuming that Zeom MS development keeps progressing)

   5) What if Giren, Dozul and Garma had lived ? Would ANYTHING have changed
at all?

Well....work with these for a while!!

SEIG ZEON!!!!!!!!!!
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