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I've got a 1/100 Turn X, but I already assembled it. I'd sell it for dirt
though. It looks awkward amidst the other, more blocky, animesque mobile
suits in my collection.
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<< I _really_ wish we'd get a proper model kit treatment of the WaDom! I
 that big honkin' mobile suit with that big honkin' beam cannon! Too bad I
 have to settle for the sad little figure I've picked up already... it's not
 an MSiA, I don't know what series this is, but they put out a WaDom, the
 Turn A, and the Sumo in both standard and Harry Ord colors... aside from a
 simple swivel joint at the shoulders, hips and the head... and NO
 beyond that. And it's only about 5" tall... (sigh)... >>

  Yep, a plastic kit of the WaDom would be nice. I would love to have MSiA's
of the Wadom, Sumo, Flat and Turn X too. I want a plastic kit of that green,
tailed robot as well. I want a Cannon Irfute kit and/or MSiA too. I like the
Irfute's streamlined, slim, stylish design. I am looking at all the weird,
but neat Turn A designs on your site as I write this. The Mecha Domain is
invaluable for pics of a good deal of Gundam's mecha/ship designs. Here's a
quickie list of other wanted Turn A kits/prefereably MSiA's:

A MSiA scale flatbed MS transport truck that you can put a MSiA figure on
would be nice, but is highly unlikely. I know this is more Gundam in general
then Turn A related.

I would like the MSiA's to rival the selection of SD kits. MSiA is a good,
fairly cheap way to get weirder/more obscure MS designs in a figure, as well
as the common one's.


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