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>I'm dying to get my mitts on similar guidebooks for the expansions, if they
>made any. Although I don't think the game itself is all that great (it's no
>better or worse than Magic, really), it IS a Gundam game, so I feel kinda
>obligated :) I did my own English mock-ups of the cards, and I will gladly
>trade the graphic files to anyone who can assist me in getting hooked up
>with guidebooks to the expansions.
>I'm a little touchy about posting my translations of the rules and cards
>publicly, though. Maybe I could email the rules to interested parties?
>-scott \\ sdiberar@student.umass.edu

I would love a copy of the rules translations. I got my cards through the
following web site:


Hope this is of some help in your quest...they appear to have some of the
expansion decks, about 6 different ones last time I was there

Jim G.

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