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First Jim...

>> Has anyone on the list had any experience with the Gundam Card Game? If so,
>> anyone know where I can get a translations of the rules? I am thinking about
>> picking up a deck to check it out, and was just wondering how the rules work
>> for the game.

Then Phil...

> I've got a number of cards and a guidebook, but without any knowledge of
> Japanese I'm really not sure how to play - althoguh there are other people
> on the ML who I belive know how). From what I can tell, it's nothing
> revolutionary as far as CCGs: there are resource cards that you use to
> build MS and pilots. The MS have 2 attack values (Long range and Close
> Combat) and a defensive rating. There are also a number of special action
> cards.The play surface is divided into a "Space" theatre and an "Earth"
> theatre - certain MS can only work in one of the two (All the Zion MA are
> Space only, for example).
> The initial release came with around 200 cards - divided equally between
> Fed/Zion/Neo-Zion/Titan and only cover the first 3 TV series. Later
> expansions cover most of the other series - including Wing.
> The Japanese web site for the game is: -
> they have a card list in Japanese.
> I bought my cards from AnimeNation.
> If anyone has a rules Translation, I'd love to see it!

I happened upon a guidebook to the first Gundam War release that had the
complete rules and a complete pictorial guide to the cards. I spent a
furious weekend translating the rules and cards, and even spent some time on
the FAQ (this was in Nov 99). I'm pretty satisfied with how the translation
came out, and the rules are mostly clear.

Here's my description for a similar discussion on


Gundam War is basically a Magic clone with a couple new bells and whistles.
Card costs are a combination of resource minimums (provided by playing
Land-like cards) and burning cards off your deck. You lose when your deck
runs out. Units (mostly MS, but some ships and bases) can fight on Earth or
in space (or both), and are rated for Close Combat, Support, and Defense. In
combat, one of your units is the Leader and does damage equal to its Close
Combat, other units do damage equal to their Support. Damage is inflicted on
enemy units from the Lead unit back. If there are no defenders, the damage
is inflicted on your opponents deck.
There are pilot cards, of course, and the usual assortment of 'enchantments'
and 'instants'. The four factions in the first set were Zeon, Feds, Titans,
and NeoZeon (they included the AEUG in the Feds). There have been at least
two, and I think by now more expansions since then. I have a spoiler book
for the first set, which allowed me to translate the rules and cards. I even
made my own cards using art from the book.
In the end, the game has nothing innovative or exciting to add to the gaming
world, other than being about Gundam.
As for whether is it coming to America, this is the first I've heard of any
Gundam game being published here. Where did you hear this, and how reliable
is it? I have a full translation, which would save somebody a lot of time, I
imagine. I have ideas for a Gundam Wing game which would be a lot better
than Gundam War, too.


I'm dying to get my mitts on similar guidebooks for the expansions, if they
made any. Although I don't think the game itself is all that great (it's no
better or worse than Magic, really), it IS a Gundam game, so I feel kinda
obligated :) I did my own English mock-ups of the cards, and I will gladly
trade the graphic files to anyone who can assist me in getting hooked up
with guidebooks to the expansions.

I'm a little touchy about posting my translations of the rules and cards
publicly, though. Maybe I could email the rules to interested parties?

-scott   \\

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