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Mark replies,

> Man, I'd consider One Year War armor types to be a complete mystery.
>The RX prototypes are made of Luna Titanium, the Zaku II of super
>high-tensile steel... otherwise there's no consensus.

Those seem to be about the ONLY units with some consensus...

> As I've proposed before, it seems pretty clear that the original GM
>(for one) wasn't supposed to be made of titanium/ceramic composite; one
>of the major changes in the GM II was supposed to be a change of armor
>materials, ergo they shouldn't be made of the exact same stuff.

I seem to recall Camille telling Char early in Zeta that the Mark-IIs were
made with an "old armor type." Wonder how that fits into the equation...?

>at the specs of the throwback mobile suits in Z and ZZ, you'll note that
>most are made of plain titanium alloy, sometimes with the addition of
>Gundarium pieces... e.g. the Galbaldy Beta, Zaku Mariner, Dowadge, and GM
>III. It seems to me that, at that point, the Sunrise folks doing the
>specs intended for the One Year War vintage mobile suits to be made of
>titanium alloy.

Although I like to think that most of the other mass-produced ground- or
space-based units (Gouf, both Doms, mabye the Gyan, Gelgoogs) are probably
also made of suuperhigh tensile steel... the mobile armor I have NO idea
about. Mabye the armors are made of tougher stuff? The Zeong might have
tougher armor too... but the amphibious units do seem to be a mystery. I
noticed in your description for Char's Z'Gok that it was supposed to be made
of lighter armor materials than the standard model Z'Gok... perhaps the
standard Z'Gok uses either steel with Char's unit made of titanium/ceramic
composite? I'm really grabbing at guesses here...

> However, for the most part, third-party publishers have either guessed
>titanium/ceramic composite across the board, or assumed all Zeon moble
>suits use steel like the Zaku II. (And the official specs for 08th MS
>Team have almost everything - Goufs included! - made of Luna Titanium.)
>I'd have to dig through a lot of books to present a comprehensive survey,
>but the short answer is there's no consistency, rhyme, or reason to their
>speculation. I have my own theory, but evidently so does everyone else.

Yeah, damn these inconsistencies. ^_^ I guess if I don't see anything
concrete, I'll just put down "unknown armor on monocoque frame" for the
construction listing on my page. Oh well... thanks for the comments though,
Mark, I'll have to keep them in mind!

-Burke "Burkenator" Rukes

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