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> > > From: owner-gundam@1u.aeug.org
> > > Subject: Re: Re:[gundam] What would be worse for
> > Earth? Mass Colony Drop
> > > or Zentraedi Bombardment?
>hmm, the colony drop wiped out a big percent of the
>human population on earth, but the zentraedi killed
>almost everyone...
>I know! the event that would wipe out all human life
>on the planet is:
>^_^, lets see, if you survive the colony drop, the
>rain of fire and the third impact... it would not be
>of any use since there's no one left one left on
Hey don't sell the H.I.Project short. We're talking biblical here;
the power of the omnipotent God. The end of ALL life in the universe,
at least on the physical plane. (Except for that poor bastard Shinji
and Asuka.) It's the ultimate Anime disaster.

Oh, and Cowboy Bebop's Gate disaster which destroys half the moon,
raining debris on earth for the next hundred years isn't easy either.


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