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Hrmm.. i really like his work too. Usually, each of his comics have a
beginning section covering the MS in his Manga.. so maybe just use those
for reference (even though those tend to have the whacked out proportions).

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> >Put it up please! Soryy, it may be non-canon, and it may be unofficial,
> >so is Zypher Phantom, and O Gundam. I really like the few items I have
> >of Kondo's work, and I have wanted to see more, but the stuff is hard to
> >find.
> Yeah, but at least in Outer Gundam, the Gundam actually looked the same
> one panel to the next. Don't get my wrong, Kondo's a great artist, but he
> just takes WAY too much liberty with all those "little" details he crams
> into every manga or illustration. Just take a look at the covers for the
> Viz Gundam 0079 comics. On every cover featuring the Gundam, the "little
> details" (like panel lines, all those damned red "warning labels" he likes
> to put all over everything, etc.) never look the same from one
> to the next. Even Kondo's original designs are _SO_ inconsistent... there
> must be AT LEAST 3 or 4 different versions of his own "G-3" design that
> done himself! I'll also tell you that I seriously sat down and tried to
> figure out how to break down Kondo's stuff expressly for posting on Mecha
> Domain... and got so much of a headache that I gave up on it altogether.
> _MIGHT_ put up Kondo material someday, but I'm gonna need a LOT of time on
> my hands to figure it all out.
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