Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Sun, 9 Jul 2000 23:09:45 -0700

>Hey. In the box of the 1/144 Gundam Griepe Model Kit (Gundam W: G-UNIT) the
>was an ad on two gundam mangas. The first one was on G-UNIT. The second one
>is one I am asking. It shows a red Zaku II whith the pilot in the bottom left
>corner and a unicorn in the background. I think it takes place during the one
>year war, and the Zaku II has leg thrusters similar to the ones on the MG
>Zaku II Matsunaga or Ridden versions. Anyways, can someone tell me what this
>manga is?
> -Monsta Gundam

That's the Johnny Ridden manga that was supposed to kick off a series of
OYW ace pilot "bio" manga, but I think somehow the series fell through and
never materialized... Mark Simmons should know the full story behind it.


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