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Well that does sound fair. I keep forgetting that you are more than a
gallery, you try to post stats and loadout details. OK, Kondo has been
scattershot with tiny details, but I have to admit, the massive outlines, I
scored my first Kondo (and only) manga is my recently aquired Revival of
Jion, and it is just cool to look at. ( I can't read Japanese, but the pics
are pretty.) He just makes these units seem big and heavy, as opposed to
some of the more recent Okawara stuff that comes of ass cool, but kind of
light and wispy. Still, thanks for taking the time to give me the scoop. If
I could read Japanese I'd offer to help, but I have no skill there, I just
appreciate the efforts of those who do have the talent, and please keep it
up. Also, one last thing, is there any consensus on the ground speed of MS??
I see some of the one year war units list it, but Z and many others don't. I
am curious, as a gamer, who was trying to model relative speeds, but walking
speed isn't commonly dealt with.
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>>Put it up please! Soryy, it may be non-canon, and it may be unofficial,
>>so is Zypher Phantom, and O Gundam. I really like the few items I have
>>of Kondo's work, and I have wanted to see more, but the stuff is hard to
>Yeah, but at least in Outer Gundam, the Gundam actually looked the same
>one panel to the next. Don't get my wrong, Kondo's a great artist, but he
>just takes WAY too much liberty with all those "little" details he crams
>into every manga or illustration. Just take a look at the covers for the
>Viz Gundam 0079 comics. On every cover featuring the Gundam, the "little
>details" (like panel lines, all those damned red "warning labels" he likes
>to put all over everything, etc.) never look the same from one illustration
>to the next. Even Kondo's original designs are _SO_ inconsistent... there
>must be AT LEAST 3 or 4 different versions of his own "G-3" design that
>done himself! I'll also tell you that I seriously sat down and tried to
>figure out how to break down Kondo's stuff expressly for posting on Mecha
>Domain... and got so much of a headache that I gave up on it altogether. I
>_MIGHT_ put up Kondo material someday, but I'm gonna need a LOT of time on
>my hands to figure it all out.
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