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Mon, 10 Jul 2000 03:39:24 GMT

> > I'm wondering, since some of you are Transformers fans, could you
> > answer this question?
> >
> > Recently, I saw Episode 5 of the Transformers, and it seemed so
> > animeish it was scary...first, the animation quality reminded me a lot
> > of Macross(Robotech Part I), and also, the human characters looked
> > like they could be stand ins for early 80s anime. My question is, were
> > the Japanese involved in any way in the animating of the early
> > Transformers episodes? It just seemed very animeish to me.
> > Also, one of those Jet transformers bears a striking resemblance to
> > airmaster :)

Most American animated shows of this period, especially from Marvel
Animation, was sub contracted to Japanese studios...
>i don't know if anyone noticed this but me.. but later on in the earily
>seasons of Transformers they introduce a charracter called Jetfire who
>while having a fairly original mehanical design in the animation in the
>toys he looks exactly like a VF-1S Super Valkyrie

It was. The toy licensed by Hasbro was one of the Bandai reissues of the
old Valks. Several companies licensed the Macross stuff at this time,
including Revell, Harmony Gold, Fasa, and Hasbro... The Mecha design was
changed because of the release of Robotech at the same time as TF.
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