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This may be grist for the mill in the Gundam FAQ.

There have been a number of Gundam toy series that are essentially pre-assembled
1:144 scale models with, in some cases, some metal parts or weights added for
strength and stability.

The first was the High Complete Model (HCM) series, which actually covered a
number of Sunrise giant robot shows, not just Gundam. Many of the early Gundam
entries in the HCM series were not even from the show, but rather from the
Mobile Suit Variation (MSV) collection, which included things like Johnny
Ridden's High Mobility Zaku II and the Gelgoog Cannon. The Z Gundam came out
and we got mainstream MS like the Z Gundam, Hyaku Shiki, Hizack, and Rick Dias.
The last Gundam entry was HCM #25, the Nu Gundam from CCA. Browse:


The second was the Mobile Suit in Pocket (MSiP) series, which was based entirely
on the V Gundam show, although an F91 was also included. There are 14 MSiP in

The third was a series of a dozen 1:220 scale models called Micro Gundam. Only
the first four toys are Gundams: an RX-78 Gundam, a V Gundam, an armored Gundam
and a V Gundam Cannon, the latter two in the Zaku green-grey-and-yellow color
scheme. The remaining eight are all Zaku II variations, many with custom color
schemes, such as Shin Matsunaga (White Wolf) and Black Trinary personal colors
and desert brown-and-tan.

(Note to Mark: these belong in the One Year War toy list, ne?)

Just prior to the Mobile Suit In Action (MSIA) series, there was a series of
soft vinyl Gundam 0083 action figures from Yutaka, which was subsumed by

And then there's the Kado Senshi Chogokin Gundam series, the ne plus ultra of
Gundam toys.

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> Mobile Suit In Action. It's an action figure line that has been released
> over the past year or so, offering the One Year War mecha in figure
> form(Almost 1:144 scale)and molded in soft vinyl, although recently the line
> has expanded to include Wing and the Zeta. Although not as nifty, cheap(Most
> MSIAs retail for 15.00, twice the price of a model kit) are as customizable
> as a model kit, they are pretty cool toys on their own.
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> > Sorry, but can someone please tell me what MSiA stands for?
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> > Aaron writes,
> >
> > > I am of fan of Mead's Turn A design as well. I am such of fan of it,
> > >that
> > >I have both the 1/144 and 1/100 kits, the Turn MSiA and the new Materiel
> > >model Turn A. I display them with pride!
> >
> > I _really_ wish we'd get a proper model kit treatment of the WaDom! I
> love
> > that big honkin' mobile suit with that big honkin' beam cannon! Too bad I
> > have to settle for the sad little figure I've picked up already... it's
> not
> > an MSiA, I don't know what series this is, but they put out a WaDom, the
> > Turn A, and the Sumo in both standard and Harry Ord colors... aside from a
> > simple swivel joint at the shoulders, hips and the head... and NO
> posability
> > beyond that. And it's only about 5" tall... (sigh)...
> >
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