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> If I have one word which can describe my reaction
> after seeing it, it would probably be "refreshing."

Not only that, if fans know Turn-A was composed of
xx_xxxxx, I think they jump on the band wagon and
start praising Turn-A all over! heh heh...

(hint: "xx_xxxxx" is an organism which caused havoc in
one of the funkiest Gundam series ;)

> (snip) ... The basic plot is also so different from
> anything they've done in the past (except for mabye
> Gundam, but I consider that more of a parody/spoof
> myself), you can watch it and appreciate it without
> having ever seen ANY previous Gundam animation.

I think fans will appreciate Turn-A a lots more if
they've already watched G Gundam, a show which Tomino
obviously has high regards for re-iterating his stand
on the future of humanity. After watching Turn-A I was
inclined to think it has a strong dose of G influence,
but now I realise how good a job G Gundam did to
emphasize Tomino's philosphy.... nah, enuff of that :)

> I will also proudly admit that I'm in the minority
> that's fallen in love with Syd Mead's Gundam design,

> as well as the other designs he's done for this
> series.

I think fans will be less hostile should they have a
chance to read "Mead Gundam" (published by Kodansha
Japan, size 210 x 148mm; 322 pages; ISBN4-06-330091-9;
2800yen), an excellent illustrative journal on how
Mead design Turn-A Gundam right from the very first
draft to the final version:

to which the intermediate design stages has some
genuine surpises! A must buy if you want to know more
about Turn-A mecha design.


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