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My copies of all three Gundam Illustration World books and the CD-ROM worked up
from the first book are still packed away, but as I recall the big names were
Kunio Ohkawara, Yoshikazu Yasuhiko, Yuji Kaida, and Yuzo Takada.

You can probably still find two of the threee books:

Mobile Suit Gundam Illustration World II (Movic, ISBN4-89601-219-4) Y3398

Mobile Suit Gundam Illustration World III (Movic, ISBN4-89601-220-8) Y3398


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It lists the box illustrators in the back of Illustration World II and III, if
only I knew how to translate names. -_-


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I'm curious, who are some of the artists for the model kit box covers(I'm talking about from the original series to G, before they started just putting a pic of the mech and nothing else starting with Wing) and what other projects, anime or non, have they been in involved in?

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