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Here are the answers as I understand them.

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> okay, time for more qeuestions questions questoins :)
> what is the ALICE system?

An Artificial Intelligence installed in the Superior, in an attempt
to give oldtypes a fighting chance against newtypes.

>the EXAM Systtem?

Something from blue destiny, a series I know nothing about.

> what are Bio-Sensors and

An early attempt to make a pseudo-psycomm system that was small
enough to fit in a normal sized MS. The end result was a widget that
could channel the energy of a newtype, only if they were really

> Bio-Computers?

An organic computer from another Gundam story I know nothing about.

> what are the differences mainly between original Psycommu and later
> Psycoframe technologies.

As I understand it, a psycomm system is a control mechanism that
allows a newtype's thoughts to control aspects of the suits systems.
A psychoframe, on the other hand, allows full psychic integration
between a newtype and a suit, as well as a certain "amplification" of
a newtype's latent powers.

> what added benifits if any do Psychommu and similar systems give
> thier pilots other than the ability to >control remote weapons like
> bits, funnels, wired-arms etc...?

Faster reaction times, better maneuverability and increased "senses"
are the primary benefits, but there is also the occasional inference
(like the end of Zeta) that a newtype can actually increase the
operational parameters of his or her suit, through the use of their
psychic powers.

> what exactly do the ability stats in Gundam Wing mean really?
> speed, weapons and armor are pretyt straight-foreward but what
> about power and fighting? is power the output rating of it's
> powerplant, the thrust of it's thrusters? it's physical strength?
> and fighting? does that reflect it's agility/dexterity or the
> effectivness of it's close-fighting
> weapons?

Another series I don't get into.

> why is the sky blue?

Something to do with the incandecence of nitrogen as I remember.

> why are we here?

To appreciate Gundam.

> why do fools fall in love?

So that there will be a never ending supply of fools.

> why do birds sing?

To annoy you on those mornings that you don't have to get up early.

> why are you still reading this e-mail?

Because it was there.

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