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I had never heard of them, but I found & just looked at their home page here:

However, if one wants to do a Gundam style tactical board game - your best bet is "Lightning Strike" - the tactical combat game for Jovian Chronicles from DP9 ( It's well known that the designers of this game are Gundam fans and have created a game that is highly adaptable to Gundam.

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  Greetings, I was just given a copy of the latest issue of Game Trade Magazine inside is coverage (One little paragraph, and a tiny pic) of a game called Ronin by Cell Entertainment. It is due in Sept of 2000. Anyhoo, it claims to use 70mm mecha models. This sounds cool, the one seen seems sort of Shirow meets whomever did BGC (memory escapes me). What I am getting at is, the scale sounds right, it might be cool to use for MSiA, and Garage kit, and UniFive asa play pieces. Has anyone seen any preview material?? I can't find a web site for cell entertainment, is there some online resource that might give more of a spectacular preview??
  Has anyone Heard seens anything??
  Thanks for the help in advance!

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