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I've got a number of cards and a guidebook, but without any knowledge of
Japanese I'm really not sure how to play - althoguh there are other people
on the ML who I belive know how). From what I can tell, it's nothing
revolutionary as far as CCGs: there are resource cards that you use to
build MS and pilots. The MS have 2 attack values (Long range and Close
Combat) and a defensive rating. There are also a number of special action
cards.The play surface is divided into a "Space" theatre and an "Earth"
theatre - certain MS can only work in one of the two (All the Zion MA are
Space only, for example).

The initial release came with around 200 cards - divided equally between
Fed/Zion/Neo-Zion/Titan and only cover the first 3 TV series. Later
expansions cover most of the other series - including Wing.

The Japanese web site for the game is: -
they have a card list in Japanese.

I bought my cards from AnimeNation.

If anyone has a rules Translation, I'd love to see it!


> Has anyone on the list had any experience with the Gundam Card Game? If
> so, anyone know where I can get a translations of the rules? I am
> about picking up a deck to check it out, and was just wondering how the
> rules work for the game.
> Jim G.

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