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Mark Simmons writes,

> I think 65.5 tons must be a typo. Topp's Zaku is usually spec'd out
>just like the normal version.

Figured as much.

> >2. What's this version of the Zaku I from 08th MS Team that's carrying a
> >gun mounting what looks like 2 sturm fausts? (This is the one I
> >show on Mecha Domain, though it's obviously NOT the model Topp drives.)
> >can't read much Japanese, but is that gun supposed to be a launcher for
> >gas, with the "sturm fausts" actually being gas canisters?
> Exactly. It's seen in a flashback in, I think, episode 7, attacking one
>of the Side 2 colonies while Shiro looks on in horror. Note the
>fingerless "mittens", too. (Supposedly much of the grunt work of the
>early weeks of the war - gassing colonies, attaching engines to colonies,
>et cetera - was performed by Old Type Zakus.)

Yeah, I thought it looked like it was wearing gloves... I wonder why? And
now I've had a bit of the last few eps of 08MST's story spoiled for me... oh
well. :) Now I've got a vague idea of the mistake Shirow made at Side 2
that he didn't want to repeat.

> >3. In Data Collection 9 we also see the Black Trinary version of the
>Zaku I
> >on page 5. Does this actually make an appearance in 08MST?
> Nah. They just threw it in there because the kit had just been released
>- note that it uses the MG kit line art.

Thought so.

> >4. Why do most specs I find for the Zaku I say it carries a 105mm
> >machinegun, when in fact when we DO see it carrying a machinegun, it's
> >always the Zaku II-type 120mm? Is the machinegun from the MG kit with
> >ammo drum mounted on the side instead of the top supposed to be the
> Right again. I can only think of four appearances of the Zaku I in the
>animation - Topp's, the gas launcher-equipped one from Shiro's flashback,
>Gadem's unarmed one from original Gundam, and the one glimpsed at A Bao A
>Qu in Gundam III. Don't recall what kind of gun that last one was using,
>though. At any rate, the 105mm, side-mounted-magazine version is supposed
>to be the standard weapon.

I'll have to dig out my Gundam III tape and watch out for that again. (Gotta
watch it today for some other info and quotes anyway). I figured the
machinegun with the side-mounted drum was probably the 105mm... just wasn't
able to back it up until now.

Thanks a bunch, Mark!

-Burke "Burkenator" Rukes

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