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Chris Maier writes,

>Hmmm...mailing list's a little slow today....anyway, I'm curious about the
>two new additions to the mecha domain which both share the term "Outer
> The first("Outer Gundam") appears to be a One Year War side story, and
>the second("O Gundam") appears to take place around the Z/ZZ timeframe.
>Anybody have any info on these two?

First up, Outer Gundam was a manga published as part of Bandai's PC Comix
series way back in 1992. It's a purely unofficial/non-canon story that does
indeed take place during the One Year War. The Feds are experimenting with
a pilotless, AI-operated Gundam called "Zephyr Phantom." After it kicks
lots of tail, the Zeons respond by sending out their MS-19N Katarl...
basically it's a big, nasty mobile suit equipped with stealth systems and
looking like a jet-black cross between a Kampfer, Patlabor's Griffin, and a
few other things I can't put my finger on. Of course, we get cameo
appearances by Amuro in the original Gundam and the White Base during the
Battle of A Bao A Qu, as well as a brief glimpse of Johnny Raiden's
souped-up Zaku II during the same battle.

O-Gundam is virtually unknown, and was brought to my attention by Benjamin
"Grebo" Wright, author of Mekton Zeta, who came to me with his O-Gundam
material to contribute to The Mecha Domain. I still have the email he sent
me on it, here's his own words (apologies to Benjamin if he's reading this,
and hope he doesn't mind ^_^):

"O-Gundam -- This was an alternate-universe sequel to Zeta Gundam which was
serialized in Out Magazine, starting April 1986. I only have the first
installment, but its one of my most prized possessions. The O stands for
"Outer", as in Out magazine (this came long before the Zephyr-Phantom Outer
Gundam comic, and is not related). It happens one year after Zeta, and
follows the battle between the AEWG and Super-Zeon, with "Side Zero" as its
focal point (6-Bunch is the "Lost City", 8-Bunch is the Super-Zeon base).

"The star is 16 year old Taro Asati (from Side-Zero's 13 bunch), and he's
joined by his sister Fana Co Asati and a little baby named -- get this --
Solar Ray, daughter of Amuro and Beltochika. The villains are 16 year old
Khan Junior, Char (back in the red suit and helmet), and Artesia -- Sayla
Mass, in Quattro-style shades and a Zeon (or maybe Titans) style uniform!!
Go figger.

"Anyhow, on top of the AEWG ship Ahgama 2 and the Super-Zeon ship Gaw-Lan
Fortress, we have several new MS: The NNT-001 Gaza-X, the MOX-012
Psycho-Gundam mark-IV (34.54m x 31.52m in MA mode, 42.53m in MS mode, 205.6
tons, 25330KW generator, Gundarium armor, piloted by Artesia! and yes, it is
MOX, not MRX), the MSU-010 Zeta Gundam Mark-II (21.63m, 38.5 tons, Gundarium
armor, Beam Rifle x1, Beam Saber x2), the PCX-005 Grand-Zack (18.65m, 30.5
tons, Gundarium armor, Beam Saber, Machinegun), and the MSF-000 O (Outer)
Gundam (19.54m, 26.4 tons, Beam Rifle, Beam Saber x2, Head Vulcan Pod x2,
Psychommu Feedback System).

"O-Gundam's artwork was fairly simplistic but colorful, sorta like V-Gundam,
and I love this feature. I've been trying to hunt down more on it, but as
yet have been unlucky.

That's all I've got on it. The Outer Gundam comic is _probably_ still
available from Nikaku Animart (I ordered my copy from them about 4 months
ago). And I intend to keep my eyes peeled for copies of Out Magazine in the
faint hopes of getting more O-Gundam material myself.

-Burke "Burkenator" Rukes

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