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Sat, 08 Jul 2000 16:17:12 CDT

Putting together next week's file update for The Mecha Domain, and as I was
working on the new MS-05B Zaku I file, I ran into some problems and
questions. For those of you with more books, episodes of 08th MS Team (I
only have up to ep 6 myself) and other resources, mabye you can help me out.

1. The Zaku I's full weight... Gundam Mechanics 1 says 65.0 tons (the only
place I can find this number), Data Collection 9 says the 08th MS Team
version used by Topp is 65.5 tons (although this seems to be the ONLY
difference in the specs). Is one of these numbers wrong, or is there really
a difference? (I'd put money on the Data Collection book being wrong myself,
particularly since Mark Simmons has Topp's Zaku I shown with normal Zaku I
specs on Gundam Project.)

2. What's this version of the Zaku I from 08th MS Team that's carrying a
gun mounting what looks like 2 sturm fausts? (This is the one I currently
show on Mecha Domain, though it's obviously NOT the model Topp drives.) I
can't read much Japanese, but is that gun supposed to be a launcher for G3
gas, with the "sturm fausts" actually being gas canisters? If so, what's
the story behind it?

3. In Data Collection 9 we also see the Black Trinary version of the Zaku I
on page 5. Does this actually make an appearance in 08MST?

4. Why do most specs I find for the Zaku I say it carries a 105mm
machinegun, when in fact when we DO see it carrying a machinegun, it's
always the Zaku II-type 120mm? Is the machinegun from the MG kit with the
ammo drum mounted on the side instead of the top supposed to be the 105mm?
The kit manual for the MG Zaku I lists BOTH types of machineguns as 120mm...

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