Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Sat, 8 Jul 2000 13:56:18 -0700

>Hello, old chaps! Here is a few things I wanted to say/ask:
>1) I am playing the DC Giren's Greed, Fed disc. I wanted to see how fast I
>could lose Jaburo (I was fooling around a bit to get some impressions). I
>had lost ALL of space (even Side 7 and Luna 2) and all of Earth except for
>South America. I lost in 12 TURNS!!!!! Zeon sent 4 stacks of Azzams and
>other MS against my poor non-MS-having Feds. Question:what was the fastest
>time anyone out there have lost the game?

Wow, that's a new way to play the game, I gotta try it. :)

>2) Observations
> *Loading time is cut to almost nil (well...maybe three seconds)

Do you think the A.I. "thinking" sequences have been given a speed boost
over the Playstation port, too?

> *Animation sequences are MUCH clearer and fluid, no chopiness. Still
>looking to see if there are any hidden/new movies

Yeah, the FMV is smooth and sweet. Same thing with the Sakura Wars
"remake", which I am having much more fun playing now.

> *Not sure yet if there are any hidden/new/extra MS or MA

Just picked up 2 new Blood of Zeon books, but I don't think they are
Dreamcast-specific though. Get the Gunpla Manual 2 from Media Works if
you don't get Degenki Hobby on a regular basis, they've compiled their
coverage of MSVs from the game, it's much cooler than the recent
Gundam Weapons books from Hobby Japan.

> *Overall...MUCH better than PSX version

First impressions here indicates likewise. For that reason I'm holding off
buying the PlayStation version of the expansion disc, since a Dreamcast
version is sure to follow.

>3) Does anyone know if it is possible to build nothing but Gundams instead
>of GMs/Guntanks/Guncannons?

I don't think so... I think the first MS you get offered is the Guntank,
and if you don't R&D and build it, I don't think the other MS would get
"unlocked"... but that's just a guess, I will have to look into the books
to confirm that.

>Oh well......just posting because I am bored at the moment.....Give your
>opinions (if you have this version...or any version)

Play Sakura Taisen. :)


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