M. R. Hannibal (saiyajin11@hotmail.com)
Sat, 08 Jul 2000 18:54:48 GMT

Hello, old chaps! Here is a few things I wanted to say/ask:

1) I am playing the DC Giren's Greed, Fed disc. I wanted to see how fast I
could lose Jaburo (I was fooling around a bit to get some impressions). I
had lost ALL of space (even Side 7 and Luna 2) and all of Earth except for
South America. I lost in 12 TURNS!!!!! Zeon sent 4 stacks of Azzams and
other MS against my poor non-MS-having Feds. Question:what was the fastest
time anyone out there have lost the game?

2) Observations

     *Loading time is cut to almost nil (well...maybe three seconds)
     *Animation sequences are MUCH clearer and fluid, no chopiness. Still
looking to see if there are any hidden/new movies
     *Not sure yet if there are any hidden/new/extra MS or MA
     *Overall...MUCH better than PSX version

3) Does anyone know if it is possible to build nothing but Gundams instead
of GMs/Guntanks/Guncannons?

Oh well......just posting because I am bored at the moment.....Give your
opinions (if you have this version...or any version)

SEIG ZEON!!!!!!!!!!!
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