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>Subject: Re:[gundam] What would be worse for Earth? Mass Colony Drop or
>Zentraedi Bombardment?
>Date: 8 Jul 2000 17:51:50 -0000
>On Sat, 08 Jul 2000 10:31:44 PDT Henry Bigone <slickwillie1998@hotmail.com>
> >Could you please tell me using BOTH real world and Gundam phisics what
> >be worse? And could I have EVERYBODIES opinion on the matter!
> >
>Using Gundam Physics, I'd have to say that the Zentreadi bombardment was
>slightly worse for the human race (they really only targeted major cities
>for the most part, thus easily killing off most of the human race), while
>colony drops would be worse overall for the effects on the environment, and
>taking out those outside of the cities.
>In real world physics, I believe that the mass colony drops of X would be
>far worse. In the Zentreadi bombardment, most of the damage would be caused
>by the mass disintegration of matter in and around the cities, and its
>transformation into energy in the form of heat and light. Therefore, little
>residual mass is left to enter the atmosphere. Although this would still
>happen to some extent.
>In a colony drop however, you do not have disintegration of matter so much
>as its displacement. Sure, some will be disintegrated at the impact site,
>but much of the resulting damage would be from the displacement of the
>soil, rock and other sedentary particles which comprise most of the Earth's
>surface. This debris enters the atmosphere, completely blocking off
>sunlight from the world for a period of years, meaning that little plant
>life survives (as they need sunlight to produce chlorophyll to survive).
>The death of plant life would kill off much of the plant eating animals
>that exist today, and their deaths in turn would result in the death of the
>meat eaters.
>This is similar to what scientists think happened to the dinosaurs 65
>million years ago. At that time, it is believed an asteroid 6 miles or so
>(I can't remember the exact size, might have been said to be 25 miles wide)
>impacted just off the coast of Central America. This impact resulted in the
>expulsion of so much dirt into the atmosphere that the sun was cut off
>world wide and temperatures dropped to below freezing for years afterwards.
>Only the most hardy or wily (meaning the early mammals here) survived this
>More recently, in the mid to late 1800s, a volcano known as Krakatoa
>exploded, destroying the upper half of itself above the surface. This
>explosion was heard thousands of miles away, and released so much dust and
>dirt that in snowed in July and August of that year in the Southern United
>States and other areas like that in other parts of the world. Crops failed
>repeatedly, and people were forced to rely mostly on stored supplies to
>survive. And that was just from one volcano. And one asteroid in the case
>of the Dinosaurs.
>Now, imagine the results of the impact of several dozen (at least)
>colonies, as seen in Gundam X. Although hollow for the most part, these
>cylinders are probably almost as dense and of equivalent or greater as many
>planet-killer asteroids, meaning that they would displace as much debris as
>these asteroids. Little of the Earth's surface would be left, and the sun
>would be blocked out for years.
>Which would be worse? Overall, I'd have to say it is almost a toss up, with
>the Colony drop being slightly more devastating if simply for the fact that
>it is not over in a mere instant, but that the people would see them coming
>and know that they are doomed, and the fact that if anyone actually does
>survive, they would be forced to struggle for years to find something to
>eat and defend themselves against other survivors.
>Then again, I'm not a physicist, so I might be a little off in my thinking
>here. But I believe what I said is mostly right. It has been about 5 or 6
>years since my last, elementary physics course though.
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